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Looking Forward: An Optimist's Guide to Retirement


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National Council on the Aging
Positive Aging
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Wall Street Journal Online - Feb 2005 (PDF, 114K)

"Guidebook to what's next and what's possible in the next chapter, covers the landscape in a stylish and easily digestible volume. Great graphics and resource section, replete with Web sites, literature, and a directory of organizations."

ALA Booklist - Jan 2005 (PDF, 55K)

"It is no surprise that the "graying of America" has generated a multitude of retirement guides. But as her subtitle suggests, Freudenheim's is more optimistic than most, with a cheery, encouraging text and a sprinkling of cartoon art that lightens the subject without minimizing its importance. Coverage of financial issues isn't one of the strong points here (even the author suggests using other resources and counselors), but Freudenheim includes several topics ignored in other books: a look at spirituality, for example, a term that encompasses much more than a commitment to organized religion. She also offers an excellent chapter on voluntarism. Readers may be tempted to fill in the occasional write-in exercises, but that is far outweighed by the author's practical counsel and her excellent selection of further resources, which many will want to consult before they embark on their possibility-filled journey into the "Retirement Zone." Stephanie Zvirin. Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved.

Library Journal Review - Jan 2005 (PDF, 48K)

STARRED REVIEW: "In this upbeat handbook, Freudenheim, a public relations specialist and writer, redefines retirement, offering a panorama of ideas and activities through which older Americans can find fulfillment, enjoyment, and meaning, whether or not they are employed. These go beyond general suggestions to explore travel, volunteer work, and new love - Freudenheim shows readers how to determine which path is best for them, drawing on health research and 200 interviews with relevant specialists. Quizzes laced throughout encourage introspection and facilitate personal planning; lists of organizations and URLs round out the text. While there are many books about retirement, this one ranks among the best and will appeal to pre-retirement baby boomers as well as retired seniors. Recommended for all public libraries."

The National Council on the Aging - Jan 2005 (PDF, 62K)

The National Council on the Aging "Baby boomers on the brink of their 60s sometimes are at a loss as to what comes next. They may even dread retirement. After all, this was the generation on the go. How can you tell them to stop? Looking Forward… An Optimist's Guide to Retirement, Ellen Freudenheim's new book on this provocative and relevant subject, offers valuable advice and insight to both boomers and older retirees on how to make the most of the new opportunities that being retired offers.

The author, a baby boomer herself, thinks it's a mistake to be viewing the retirement years simply from a financial perspective, as is often the case. What makes most people tick, she says, are other things, like health, relationships, and a sense of meaning and connectedness. The subtitle of the book, "An Optimist's Guide to Retirement," captures the spirit of the text and of its upbeat message. In the course of her research--interviewing over 200 older people from age 45 to 90--Freudenheim found both younger and older retirees happily enjoying interests and activities they'd always dreamed about and now, finally, have the time to pursue. The inspiring range of older men and women she writes about includes octogenarians getting college degrees and studying ancient Greece, as well as early retirees--men and women in their 60s leaving careers in business to become artists, dancers, political activists and world travelers.

Just say no. And yes! According to many who'd left the wage-earning world, satisfaction in volunteerism ranked high as a joy of retirement. And the author offers apt advice on making a good choice: With so many interesting volunteer opportunities, she says, no one need get stuck in one of the dull ones. She reminds retirees that, "You're entitled to say no!" Older people happily saying "Yes!" can be found in communities across the country--in libraries, schools, and hospitals--and in non-profit organizations, protecting the environment, caring for animals, and promoting the arts. Looking Forward… retails for $10.85 and may be purchased at your favorite neighborhood or online bookstore."

Wall Street Journal Online - Dec 2004 (PDF, 87K)

"Sex, spirituality, money, extended careers, volunteering -
they're all here, plus great lists of books, Web sites and resources."

Round Table Reviews - Feb 2005 (PDF, 58K)
"...This was truly a fun book and I enjoyed it tremendously. ..."

Bookviews - Jan 2005 (PDF, 37K)
"...a great book to give to someone who is reaching or has reached this point..."

Positive Aging - Dec 2004 (PDF, 46K)
"This is a very reader friendly book that invites you to play and ponder the future..."


Memphis Commercial Appeal - Feb 2005 (PDF, 56K)
"...in the dating scene, it's OK to be older..."

Amarillo Globe-News - Jan 2005 (PDF, 49K)
"...it reveals how to make post-work life successful..."

Boomer Cafe - Jan 2005 (PDF, 64K)
"...Retirement, like life, is about more than money..."

Buzzle.com and Senior Journal - Jan 2005 (PDF, 117K)
"...start treating your health as an investment..."

Patriot Ledger - Jan 2005 (PDF, 107K)
"...a new paperback geared to help baby boomers think ahead..."

Akron Beacon Journal - Jan 2005 (PDF, 89K)
"...helps you think about how you will spend your time in retirement..."

Sun Sentinel - Jan 2005 (PDF, 111K)
"...recognize retirement as a gift of time, a stage of life in which to innovate..."

Today's Seniors Network - Jan 2005 (PDF, 85K)
"Focus on what makes your life fulfilling - not just what satisfies your bank account."

CBS Marketwatch - Dec 2004 (PDF, 83K)
"Ten tips for people retiring in 10 years" - Recommended reading

Christian Science Monitor - Dec 2004 (PDF, 99K)
"Whatever the size of a retirement portfolio...there are ways to live a full life."

Retirement Week - Dec 2004 (PDF, 164K)
"...invest in your social as well as your financial future..."

Chicago Tribune - Nov 2004 (PDF, 85K)
"...a Retirement Zone, rather than a cold turkey switch from workplace to golf course... "

"Ellen Freudenheim has written the perfect guide for people who want to make the most out of their post-retirement life. Whether you've always dreamed of traveling, starting a new career, or becoming a late-in-life athlete, Looking Forward will help you figure it all out." -- Richard Carlson, author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff

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